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Workplace washouts seek humiliation at the hands (and feet) of domineering damsels

Some guys develop a proclivity for acts in which they are the target of abuse
The story of a male tennis coach, arrested two weeks ago in the Saitama City after arranging for a high school girl he met on a Web dating site to watch him masturbate inside his car for a fee of 10,000 yen, might at first seem a bit odd. But according to a report in Nikkan Gendai (Feb. 18), this behavior instead simply reflects a growing response to the presently tough times.

“With the economy entering recession,” says fuzoku (sex business) writer Yukio Murakami, “we can see an increase in the number of fanatics who enjoy sexual activities that result in humiliation.”

The pink trade scribe explains further that with overtime work piling up and in-office tempers flaring some guys begin to develop a proclivity for acts in which they are the target of abuse. “It was around the year 2000, when corporate downsizing was at its maximum, that jerk-off clubs started appearing,” he says. “The clientele are often elites who graduated from the best universities and make a living as public servants or IT engineers. Their common trait is a keen imagination.”

In such establishments, the customer strips down and begins masturbating in front of fully clothed females on staff, who the daily assures are only knockouts. As the patron pulls profusely, the ladies bark such denigrating remarks as, “Don’t you feel embarrassed for having an erection?”

The journalist has also observed other fringe services on offer. “A small remote-control-activated device will be placed on the head of the customer’s penis, which is then wrapped in a condom,” Murakami relates. “A staff member will then take him out to a public place and begin operating the remote. Feeling a strong sensation, he will shake and twist. It is this feeling of embarrassment that makes him excited, not unlike in an SM club where the customer jerks off in front of the queen while showing his anus.”

Even in AV productions this theme is selling well, Nikkan Gendai says. Production company Aroma Kikaku released “Jerking Off While Being Scolded,” a film featuring a man being lectured by his younger sister and an office lady after being caught with his pants down. Other flicks include such plots as seven women making fun of a non-circumsized male and a band of 36 females who specialize in hand- and foot-jobs, with some performing while clothed in nurse uniforms.

The origin of the behavior by these fanatics is an extreme desire to be viewed by women with their clothes on — indeed, the tabloid concludes, there are a lot of hobbies in this world. (C.J.)

Source: “Shuchi pure mania ga kyuzochu” Nikkan Gendai (Feb. 18, Page 6)

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