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87 kindergartners fall ill in Aichi over salmonella-tainted bento meals

Tokiwa Shyokuhin provided tainted bento meals to kindergartens in the cities of Nagoya, Gamagori and Nisshin (TV Asahi)

AICHI (TR) – Nearly 100 children at four kindergartens in Okazaki City fell ill after eating boxed meals tainted with salmonella prepared by a company with a history of providing tainted meals.

A total of 87 kindergartners, aged 3 to 6, reported food-poisoning symptoms like fever and vomiting after consuming the tainted bento meals between September 21 and 28, according to officials of Okazaki, reports TBS News (Sept. 29).

Salmonella was detected in many of the affected children, 10 of whom were hospitalized, but none are in life-threatening condition, authorities said.

The tainted bento meals were provided to the kindergartens in the cities of Nagoya, Gamagori and Nisshin by Tokiwa Shyokuhin foods in Okazaki, city officials said.

Officials of Okazaki said Tokiwa Shyokuhin was suspended from business operations amid fears there could be more victims. The food company was also responsible for producing meals that left 71 people with food poisoning in April 2016, according to the Asahi Shimbun.

“Some anger here in light of the incident”

A representative of Tokiwa Shyokuhin said, “We can’t comment because the person in charge isn’t here right now.”

The head of one of the affected kindergartens said, “There’s some anger here in light of the incident, which resulted from [the company] we trusted.”

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