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Takamatsu: Machete-wielding man breaks into neighbor’s home, slashes family of 4

A man wielding a machete broke into his neighbor’s home in Takamastu City on Sunday and stabbed a family of 4

KAGAWA (TR) – A machete-wielding man barged into the neighboring home of a family of four in Takamatsu City on Sunday and slashed them all.

Kagawa Prefectural Police arrested Hiroshi Yamaguchi, 63, on suspicion of robbery resulting in bodily injury after he broke into his neighbor’s home at around 2 a.m. and slashed all of the members of the family, TV Asahi reported (Sept. 24).

The male head of the family held down Yamaguchi near their front door and called police. “Someone who appears to be a burglar broke into our home,” he said over the telephone.

Responding officers arrested Yamaguchi at the scene, believing the suspect armed himself with a machete, broke into the home and injured the family for the purpose of committing a robbery.

Yamaguchi is partially denying the charges, quoted by police as saying he “didn’t go in to steal.”

The wife of the man suffered serious injuries, including cuts to her head and shoulders, while her youngest son suffered a skull fracture, police said, adding the victims will take at least two months to recover.

A neighbor told TV Asahi that they heard a “really loud scream, like a man screaming, and it was so intense that it woke me up.”

Police investigating the incident are weighing attempted murder charges, believing Yamaguchi was acquainted with the victims, Nippon News Network reported (Sept. 24).

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