‘Strange odor’ precedes discovery of corpse in Osaka apartment

Osaka police
Osaka police found a corpse in a residence in Kadoma City on Friday (TV Asahi)

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police have launched an investigation after the discovery of corpse believed to be that of a 61-year-old woman at a residence in Kadoma City, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Sept. 1).

At around 11:00 a.m. on Friday, officers from the Kadama Police Station entered the residence, located in the Asahicho area, and found the body amid a slew of garbage.

According to police, the body was of unknown gender and did not contain any external wounds.

The day before, the 65-year-old sister of the resident of the apartment visited the police station to report that she had not seen her sibling in more than two years while filing making a missing persons claim.

After conveying some vague information, the sister, who lives next door, then divulged that there was a corpse in the residence.

“Strange odor”

“A few days ago, there was a strange odor that I had never smelled before, but I never thought that [the source] was a corpse,” male neighbor, 19, told the Sankei.

Police are now working to confirm the identity of the body. The sister of the resident of the apartment is expected to questioned on suspicion of abandoning a corpse, police said.

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