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Intoxicated female driver in Fukuoka called police after getting lost

Fukuoka police arrested a woman for drunk driving in the town of Fukuchi moments after warning her not to drive while intoxicated (TV Asahi)

FUKUOKA (TR) – Fukuoka Prefectural Police arrested a woman on suspicion of drunk driving just moments after she had received a warning about driving while intoxicated, reports TV Asahi (May 16).

Kazumi Kozoegawa, 42, was taken into custody for drunk driving early Monday after officers witnessed her behind the wheel while intoxicated in the town of Fukuchi. Kozoegawa has admitted to the charges. “I drank around eight cans of beer,” she told police.

Prior to her arrest, the woman called police while sitting in her car at a parking lot to say she was lost. “I have no idea where I am,” she said.

Responding officers found that her breath alcohol content was five times the legal limit and warned her not to drive, police said. However, she was found driving without the lights of the vehicle on moments after the officers left the scene.

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