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Chiba cops hunt for man who shoved fingers in high schoolers’ mouths

Police are searching for a man who stuck his fingers into the mouths of several high school students at JR Inage Station (TBS News)

CHIBA (TR) – Police are hunting for a young man who shoved his fingers in the mouths of several high school students in Chiba City, reports TBS News (Mar. 11).

The suspect asked male and female high school students for directions to a station before saying “Show me your teeth” and shoving the index finger of both his hands into their mouths, police said.

The cases occurred around JR Inage Station between August 2016 and February in the evenings, leading police to believe the suspect was committing the crimes on his way home from club activities or cram school.

The suspect, about 170 centimeters tall with black hair, was riding a bike.

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