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Gunma cops: Anesthesiologist injected self with narcotic during surgery

Hajime Narahara, an anesthesiologist, allegedly injected a drug into his arm during surgery

GUNMA (TR) – An anesthesiologist injected a narcotic drug into his arm during surgery at a hospital in Ota City in what was his 20th time, police said on Monday.

Hajime Narahara, 36, was arrested for allegedly concealing some 6.6 grams of fluid containing a medical drug in his bag during surgery on February 3, TV Asahi reports (Feb. 20).

Narahara admitted to the charges, telling police he “did it over 20 times before” to “relieve stress.”

A nurse witnessed Narahara injecting the drug into his arm using a needle during surgery, police said.

The hospital’s director contacted police after Narahara started stumbling after the procedure.

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