Kyoto cops: Woman strangles husband to death with cable

A woman tried to strangle her husband, who later died, with a power cable (TV Asahi)
A woman used a power cable to strangle her husband, who later died (TV Asahi)

KYOTO (TR) – A woman in Fukuchiyama City used a power cable to strangle her husband, who later died, during a quarrel in which they told each other they would “die together,” police said on Saturday.

Sadayo Hagiawara, 81, was arrested for allegedly attempting to murder her 87-year-old husband Isamu by wrapping and tightening a power cable around his neck at their home at around 7:15 a.m. on Saturday, TV Asahi reports (Feb. 4).

Isamu died about three hours later, police said.

Sadayo told police she and Isamu “got into a fight over something trivial, and he raised his hands first. Afterward, we started telling each other, ‘let’s die together, shall we?’ and strangled each other’s necks.”

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