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Aichi cops: Stalker leaves needle-impaled doll near home of woman who rejected him

Officers from the Nakamura Police Station arrested a man after he left a needle-impaled doll near her home (TV Asahi)

AICHI (TR) – A man was arrested for sticking a photo of the face of a woman who refused to date him on a straw doll impaled with a needle near her home in Nagoya, police said on Friday.

Aichi Prefectural Police charged Junya Ogata, 37, a part-time lecturer at a private high school, with allegedly leaving the roughly seven-centimeter-tall doll with a single needle through its chest on the grounds of the 21-year-old woman’s residence in Nagoya in November of last year, TV Asahi reports (Jan. 7).

Ogata, who has been charged with violating the Stalker Control Law, has partially denied the charges, quoted by officers from the Nakamura Police Station as saying he “didn’t leave a straw doll [near her home].”

The woman filed a report after she received a message from Ogata in August requesting that she get in touch with him, police said, adding the woman had previously rejected him.

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