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French papers: Blood found at dormitory of missing Japanese woman

A “non-negligible amount” of blood was discovered at the dormitory of missing exchange student Narumi Kurosaki (Nippon News Network)

FRANCE (TR) – A “non-negligible amount” of blood was discovered near an emergency exit of the dormitory where missing exchange student Narumi Kurosaki, 21, was staying, local media reported on Tuesday.

L’Est Republicain and other French papers reported that police recovered the blood at the exit that is not covered by surveillance cameras on December 15, which was found by a resident.

Kurosaki, a Tokyo native attending the University of Franche-Comte in Besancon, eastern France, disappeared after she ate at a restaurant on December 4 with a Chilean male, 26, who is her former boyfriend.

The whereabouts of Kurosaki are unknown. Yet the Chilean male is wanted by police in Besancon and INTERPOL on suspicion of abducting and killing her.

Kurosaki returned to her university dormitory with the suspect on the evening she went missing. At some point that night, other students on her floor heard a scream.

Another person who lives in her dormitory told authorities they heard the sound of a car, Nippon News Network reports (Jan. 3).

French authorities will discuss the progress of their investigation at a press conference on Tuesday, nearly a month after Kurosaki disappeared.

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