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Tokyo cops: Unemployed man stalked female lawyer for 10 years

An unemployed male was arrested in Tokyo for allegedly stalking a woman since 10 years ago because he resented her ignoring him and his feelings for her (TV Asahi)

TOKYO (TR) – An unemployed male was arrested for allegedly stalking a female lawyer for more than a decade, police said on Saturday.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police department charged Yoshihiro Yoneyama, 38, with stalking the 42-year-old woman by leaving comments like “I’m coming to see you, so please look forward to that! I’m really persistent, you’ll never forget me” at least 11 times on the website of her workplace from December 6 to 9, TV Asahi reports (Dec. 24).

Yoneyama has admitted to the charges, quoted by police as saying he had “feelings for her, but she was ignoring me so I came to hold a grudge against her.”

Yoneyama met the woman about 10 years ago through her job and didn’t meet her since then, police said.

The suspect likely wrote similar comments over the 10-year period, police said.

Police have been under fire for failing to take stalking seriously, particularly after a crazed fan stalked and stabbed idol star Mayu Tomita over 20 times in May despite her pleas to officers that she feared for her life.

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