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Japan to get strawberry shortcake-flavored instant noodles for Xmas

Mjoyo Foods is releasing a strawberry shortcake-flavored yakisoba in December (Nissin)

TOKYO (TR) – In their endless pursuit of innovation, can noodle makers ever go too far?

Instant food maker Myojo Foods, a subsidiary of Nissin Foods, is putting that possibility to the test with plans to release a strawberry shortcake flavor for its popular instant buckwheat noodle yakisoba brand Ippeichan in December.

On Tuesday, the company announced that the Ippeichan release adds hints of vanilla to both its yakisoba sauce and mayonnaise. Toppings include colored sugar, sweet strawberries and crunchy yogurt-flavored cubes. The product will hit store shelves on December 5 for ‎180 yen.

Promising a bittersweet sensation, Myojo is banking on this seasonal special as becoming a hit ahead of the Christmas holidays.

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