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Saitama cops: Man dies after assault by girlfriend over locked door

A man died at his residence in Saitama City after he was assaulted by his girlfriend

SAITAMA (TR) – A man died after he was assaulted by his girlfriend who used her bare fists after they got into a dispute, police said on Saturday.

Momoko Yamazaki, 22, was arrested for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend, including beating his face with her fists, because he locked a door of the residence they share in Saitama City on Friday, TBS News reports (Nov. 12).

Yamazaki admitted to the charges, telling police she “became enraged and beat him after I found the door locked when I came home from shopping.”

Yamazaki’s boyfriend was found on the floor still wearing his clothes after police and firefighters responded to an emergency call from her mother. His death was subsequently confirmed, authorities said.

Police are investigating the causal link between the boyfriend’s death and the beating, stopping short of saying whether Yamazaki could face murder charges.

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