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Okayama cops: Man calls care facility, says ‘I am the reincarnation of Hitler’

A man claimed he was the ‘reincarnation of Hitler’ in a phone call to a disabled care facility (TV Asahi)

OKAYAMA (TR) – A man who claimed he was the “reincarnation of Hitler” in a threatening call to a disabled care facility has been arrested, police said.

Kensuke Oku, 31, was arrested on suspicion of disrupting business operations for calling a disabled care facility in Nagi City, Okayama Prefecture, and saying he was “the reincarnation of Hitler, disabled people should go and die” on Thursday night, TV Asahi reports (Nov. 11).

Police traced the phone number to Oku and arrested him on Friday morning after facility staff reported the threatening call.

Oku, who has been charged with making threats, admits to the allegations, telling police he “scared [facility staff] by telling them I am the reincarnation of Hitler.”

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