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Chiba cops: 2 men broke student’s car window, stole smartphone

Police are hunting for two men in connection with a suspected road rage case (TV Asahi)

CHIBA (TR) – Police are hunting for two men who smashed a window of a car carrying university students and stole one of their smartphones on Sunday after the men apparently becoming enraged at the students for driving with their high-beams on.

A 24-year-old male university student was driving with a friend in his car at around 2 a.m. in Noda City with their high-beams on and angled upward, police said, when a car they overtook ended up pursuing them, TV Asahi reports (Oct. 23).

The students pulled over about 40 minutes later after they were unable to escape, police said, when two men in their 30s exited the pursuing car and smashed the passenger-side window with a hammer saying to “get out of the car and hand over your money.”

The men stole a smartphone from one of the students and fled, leaving the students unharmed, police said, adding that the suspects probably became enraged at the use of high-beams and getting overtaken on the road.

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