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Tokyo cops nab suspected kissing bandit in Ota Ward

Tokyo police arrested Kohei Funai for forcibly kissing a woman on a road in Ota Ward in June

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan police have arrested a man suspected of forcibly kissing multiple woman in a series of incidents that have taken place over the past few years, TBS News reported on Wednesday (October 19).

In June, Kohei Funai, 27, allegedly approached a woman, aged in her 40s, from behind and grabbed her cheeks with both hands on a road in Ota Ward. He then forcibly kissed her, police said.

Funai, who has been charged with indecent assault, admits to the charges, telling police he had “sexual desires.”

The suspect was identified from security camera footage that captured the license plate of a scooter he was riding, police said.

Police are also investigating Funai’s possible involvement in 10 other similar incidents that were reported over the past three years in Ota and Shinagawa wards.

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