Chiba cop disciplined after illicit films of 17 women found on smartphone

Takehito Fukuda resigned from his post after having his pay docked over his arrest for illicit filming of women

A Chiba police officer used a smartphone to take illicit footage of school girls
A Chiba police officer used a smartphone to take illicit footage of school girls (

CHIBA (TR) – Chiba Prefectural Police announced on Wednesday that a head patrol officer will take a pay cut after he was caught taking illicit footage of two teenage high school girls, reports Chiba Nippo (June 29).

Prefectural police cut the pay of Takehito Fukuda, 26, posted to the Chiba Chuo Police Station, by 10 percent over a six-month period. On the same day, Fukuda voluntarily resigned from his post.

Earlier this month, Fukuda was arrested and charged with voyeurism under the nuisance prevention act after he was caught using a smartphone to take “upskirt” footage — known as tosatsu — of two high school girls, aged 17 and 18, near JR Tsudanuma Station, Narashino City.

“I have been interested in voyeurism since I was a student, but I maintained tolerance when I became a police officer,” Fukuda is quoted. “It was due stress at work that I could no longer restrain myself.”

An analysis of images on his smartphone implied that he committed similar crimes on two occasions in May. The phone contained images showing a total of 17 women.

“Police should protect the public order,” said chief inspector Hitoshi Furukawa. “But given that such a case has taken place I would like to apologize to the victims and the citizens of the prefecture. By ensuring thorough ethical behavior for staff members, we will strive to restore the confidence of the citizens.”

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