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Tokyo police: Man took pleasure in spilling coffee on women

Kota Inomata is believed to have poured liquid on a number of women in Nerima Ward since February

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Sunday announced the arrested of a 32-year-old male for a liquid on a first-year high school girl in Nerima Ward, a case that is believed to be connected to a series of similar incidents, reports the Sankei Shimbun (May 10).

On April 26, Kota Inomata, a part-time worker, is alleged to used a bicycle to approach the girl, 15, on a road in Oizumi and splash a coffee-like liquid on her head, officers from the Shakujii Police Station said.

Kota, who has been charged with assault, has reportedly admitted to the allegations. “I took pleasure in looking back at an attractive woman I had just spilled a drink on,” the suspect is quoted by police. “Afterwards, I’d get a sense of accomplishment while smoking a cigarette. Since last year, I have done this numerous times.”

Since February, police have received complaints from seven other women involved in similar incidents.

Kota emerged as a target after police interviewed victims and viewed security camera footage.

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