Tokyo couple-busting gumshoe firm sued by Miyagi woman

By on February 15, 2013 under Tokyo Daily

Tokyo couple-busting gumshoe firm sued by Miyagi woman

Tokyo couple-busting gumshoe firm sued by Miyagi woman

TOKYO (TR) – On December 25 of last year, a woman from Miyagi Prefecture filed a suit in Sendai District Court against a Tokyo investigative firm which she claims offers a couple-busting service that is immoral, reports the Asahi Shimbun (Feb. 14).

In 2006, the plaintiff commissioned an investigation agency in Tokyo to break apart her boyfriend from another woman with whom he was also having a relationship.

Dubbed wakaresase-ya, or professional relationship destroyer, such an operation inserts a fourth party into the life of the client’s cheating significant other with the intention of ending the affair.

In this case, the agency did not successfully follow through with its assignment. Further, the plaintiff contends that such a service intrudes on romantic feelings in such a way as to be contrary to public order and as a result requests that her contract be deemed invalid.

The Miyagi woman paid 800,000 yen for the service. Since she took at a loan from a consumer loan company for the payment, she is seeking 1.07 million yen in damages to take into account accrued interest.

“We will contend the matter in court,” said a representative of the investigative firm.

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