U.S prepares for North Korean missile launch, warns of U.N. action, AP says

TOKYO (TR) – The U.S. Navy has begun moving ships capable of ballistic missile defense into the western Pacific in response to North Korea’s planned missile launch later this month, Associated Press said, citing unnamed U.S. officials.

The officials who spoke under the condition of anonymity said the move is designed to assure U.S. allies in the region, according to the news service. The State Department has warned North Korea that Washington and its key allies Japan and South Korea will seek action by the United Nations Security Council if Pyongyang goes ahead with the launch, AP reported.

North Korea said the launch, which is scheduled to take place between December 10 and 22, is aimed at placing a satellite in orbit. Washington accuses Pyongyang of attempting to design missiles capable of hitting the United States. The Security Council condemned North Korea for a similar launch in April and tightened sanctions against the communist nation.

Source: Associated Press

Photo source: Wikipedia Commons

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