British CEO who blew whistle on Olympus close to movie deal, Reuters says

TOKYO (TR) – The story of former Olympus CEO, Michael Woodford, who exposed nearly 1.7 billion in shady deals by the Japanese camera maker may be headed to the big screen, Reuters is reporting.

Woodford is close to signing a movie deal for his story with the British film production company The Ink Factory, according to the news agency. The former Olympus chief said other parties have shown interest, but he will probably commit to the production company run by the sons of author John le Carre, famous for his spy thrillers.

The British national, who worked his way up the ranks at Olympus during a 30-year career, becoming its first-ever non-Japanese CEO, was fired just weeks into his new job for blowing the whistle on what he believed were corrupt practices at the 93-year-old company. He sued Olympus for unfair dismissal and eventually agreed to a $16 million out-of-court settlement.

Woodford’s memoir, “Exposure: Inside the Olympus Scandal,” is due to be released this week in the United Kingdom. Parts of his story were left out over concerns they could compromise investigations, Reuters said, citing Woodford.

Source: Reuters

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