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Japan’s population forecast to decline by two thirds over next century, AFP says

TOKYO (TR) – The population of Japan is forecast to shrink by two thirds over the next century as the number of births falls below the replacement rate, Agence France-Presse said, citing projections from a report by the health and welfare ministry.

The Japanese population currently stands at 127.7 million; that number is expected to decline to 42.9 million by 2110, the government report said. The population has been declining as more Japanese young people see starting a family as a burden on their careers and lifestyles, AFP reported.

Japan proportionally has one of the highest populations in the world of people 65 or older, which is expected to strain the nation’s social security system in the future. The nation’s finances are already under pressure after two decades of stagnation and its public debt is currently twice GDP.

Life expectancy in Japan is amongst the highest in the world. The life expectancy for men is expected to rise from 79.64 years in 2010 to 84.19 by 2060; for women, that number is expected to rise from the current 86.39 years to 90.63 during the same period, AFP said.

Source: AFP

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