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Japan to promote travel to Tohoku disaster areas by waiving visa fees for tourists, Nikkei says

TOKYO (TR) – The Japanese government plans to forgo visa fees for tourists who want to visit the prefecture of Fukushima and two others that were devastated by the March 11, Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, Nikkei says.

Starting November 15, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will waive visa fees for foreign nationals who apply to travel to Fukushima Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture during their stay in Japan, according to Nikkei. Fukushima is the site of the crippled Daiichi nuclear power plant that is still leaking radiation.

General visas cost 3,000 yen while multiple-entry visas coast 6,000 yen. The plan will not require visitors to start their trip to Japan in the devastated regions, the news service reported. The government may extend the program after 5 years if it is successful.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry estimated 77,000 foreign nationals visited the three prefectures last year, Nikkei said.

Source: Nikkei

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