Young men of the ‘AV generation’ leave gals dissatisfied

AV DVD box
An adult video DVD box
For increasing numbers of randy young women, mature men are coming back in vogue, reports evening tabloid Nikkan Gendai (Sep. 2). Such women are described with the term kare-sen, synthesized from kareta ojisama suki (like withered old dads), although in this case rather than “withered,” kareta would be more correctly translated as “well seasoned.”

The gals’ main complaints center on how younger men these days are so self centered, they don’t have a clue about how a gal wants to be treated.

“I’m through making it with young guys,” complains Miss “K,” a 33-year-old municipal employee. “They’ll walk into the hotel room and demand, ‘Suck me off,’ and as soon as they get hard they want to stick it in, with no effort to get me in the right mood.”

“The present generation in their 20s is the ‘AV generation,’ who have become believers in ‘felatio supremacy,” says Kajika Kato, a writer of AV scripts. “The scenes in adult videos showing cunilingus and other methods to arouse the female are fast-forwarded, so it’s common to find men who don’t know anything about foreplay. Or, they think foreplay is something that the gal is supposed to do to the guy. And there seem to be more passive men who get off fantasizing about being ‘subdued’ by a perverted female.”

“He forces me to go down on him unmercifully, but for my troubles I’m lucky if he gives my breasts a slight rub,” pouts Miss “Y,” age 31, who works for a manufacturer.

“My former boyfriend was in his 40s, with a wife and children, but he was great at sex. He devoted plenty of time to petting me, both before and after penetration,” she recalls wistfully.

Wistful recollections of sexual encounters… If that’s what it takes to make women happy, Nikkan Gendai concludes, the junior class is likely to increasingly be shown up by their seniors. (M.S.)

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